Beauty and the Geek

One of my guilty pleasures on tv, Beauty and the Geek, is back for its fourth season on the CW.  I am certainly socially-inept enough to be one of the geeks, though I imagine my IQ is too low and my age too high.  I especially love watching the auditions.  Whereas the guys take their work very seriously and seem unable, or unwilling, to describe it in non-technical terms, they also seem to revel in, or at least accept, their geekiness.  However, I don’t understand the women applicants at all.  Don’t they know that the producers of the show are going to edit the tape to make them look really stupid?  Are they so self-secure because of their beauty that they just don’t care?  This year’s selections to make the show were a bit predictable, but when you are looking for a specific type of reality show contestant, I guess this is to be expected by the fourth season.  Having said that, I think this year’s group of guys is pretty good, but I did not find the women to be particularly attractive.  Maybe when we see more of their personalities in future show, someone will shine through and hopefully, they’ll get along better than last year’s felines. 

 I do like the introduction of the female geek and male beauty couple, though this may be considered the “jump the shark” moment for the show.  However, I don’t think they’ll last long in the competition.  For what it’s worth since I haven’t done well in the past, I’m picking Hollie and Josh to win.

 During the first challenge, the geeks had to demonstrate how they would kiss their girlfriend using a mannequin.  Did the producers intentionally position the mannequin, Molly, in such a defensive posture?  She was quite tall, taller than several of the guys, and was leaning far backward away from the guys, making it difficult for many to even reach her face.


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