Historical mystery sites, part 1

I’m in a bit of a down period for historical mysteries, though I am reading a pretty good non-fiction book right now (description coming next week). In the meantime, I’d like to take this opportunity to describe a couple of the great resources for historical mysteries listed on my blogroll on the right.

First off is the tripod site on Historical Mystery Fiction managed by N.S. Hurt. The core sections of this terrific site are the author and time period indexes. The database fields for each index include author, title, period and location. Unfortunately, the two indexes are not hyperlinked.

I immediately felt a kindred spirit with Ms. Hurt after reading her lengthy description of the criteria for a “historical mystery.” She brilliantly explains date restrictions and why historical novels, regency romances, science fiction and time travel mysteries don’t fit this sub-genre. My list is a bit more inclusive when it comes to Sherlockian mysteries, but it’s a minor quibble.


The feature I use most often is the new title list, updated every two months. There are usually between two and four dozen new titles to examine, plenty to keep even the most voracious of readers busy. Another nice feature is a special section of titles for children and young adult readers.

So a big thank you to Ms. Hurt for putting her site together, maintaining it and making it available to readers.


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