sai vs nick B semi-final

nick from WI against Sai from MO and a loud crowd has surrounded court 3. sai will need to be very consistent to beat nick. three points in a row for sai gets him back into game one. nick’s quickness around the court is paying dividends, but he’s still making enough errors to keep sai in the game.nice deep high serve forces error by nick. sai takes the interval. good play. 12 for nick. good, deep clears, but nick can handle that. sai moving nick side to side and gets the error. nice drop from nick. 15 for nick. serve error. nick wins point with drive into sai’s fh. sai outpatients nick in a long rally. another long rally to sai. getting good depth on all his clears. another nick error into the net. 17 for nick. close call goes nick’s way to 18. clear error by nick. anther drive for nick. 19 for nick. drop error by sai. smash by sai and drop error by nick. game to sai in a good comeback. 23-21.

game 2. clear error long by nick 1-0.nice drop by nick 1-1. nice drop at net by sai 2-1. nick at net again 2-2. sai is really tired. another long error by nick 3-3. 4-3 nick. eror 5-3. another return error 6-3. another 7-3. 8-4 nick. smash by nick 9-4. error. need to attack weak shots. 11-4. interval. new bird. nick is attacking sai’s bh well and then moving forward. 13-4. smash winner. 14-4. another 15-4. 16-4, 17-4. 18-4. sai is cutting off drive clears to his fh well, but his clears have lost their depth. 20-4. 20-5. 21-5. split.

game 3. 1-0 nick. smash by sai 1-1. needs a good start. 2-1 nick. serve error 2-2. nice push by sai 3-2. serve error 3-3. return error 4-3 nick. 5-3. return errr 6-3. 4-6. 5-6.error by nick 6-6. return error 7-6 sai. good deep serve 8-6. smash error 7-8. nice net play by sai 9-7. nick speed wins point 8-9. return error 9-9. ace 10-9. net error by nick 10-10. smash return error 11-10 nick. switch. nice drop gets lift then smahs 12-10. net error 13-10.return error 14-10. deep 15-10. return error 16-10. smash error 17-10. ace 18-10. drop error by nick 11-18. smash 19-11. 12-19. nice return forces weak shot by sai 20-12. 13-20. 14-20. drive forces error 21-14 Nick.


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