Saturday night action

Sorry for not posting Sunday morning.  We slept in late and then never got around to it.  Saturday night was busy with lots of matches.  Jay and James came in second in Jr./Sr. MD losing to Koka/Towne 5 and 17.  Hull and Jim won their semi over Ang and Jay from NE in three games 14, (14), 16.  Didn’t stay aggressive enough in the second game, but didn’t make many errors in the third.  Hull and Jim then played Koka and Towne in the final and barely made it through 24-22, 21-18.  Very hard to find a good style and eventually had to slow things down since drives and smashes were not working.

In the mixed, Jim and Lucy beat Jason Jih and Karen Chin from Chicago in the semis 15-21, 21-12, 21-14.  Lucy was very effective at her kills, especially in the second game.  In the final, they played Norman and Tiffanie (who beat Mary Ann and James in the other semi 15 and 15).  Three close games, but Norman and Tiffanie prevailed 21-19, 22-24, 21-15.  It was 11-9 at the switch, but couldn’t keep energy and concentration level up as needed.  Both had trouble serving to Norman and Tiffanie pushed Lucy wider than she could handle at the net.  Jim’s drops from the back weren’t tight enough either.  In final match of the tournament, Hull and Lucy beat Mary Ann and James in three games 21-18, 21-23, 21-15 to win Jr./Sr. Mixed.  Again, Lucy played very well and Hull and James both did nice job of driving the birds xc.  Jay came in 3rd in Jr./Sr. Mxd and Sai found a partner for the Open draw and won the consolations.


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