Cocaine Blues

Cocaine Blues: a Phryne Fisher mystery by Kerry Greenwood.  Doing research for this blog has already paid dividends in the form of a new author (for me anyway) discovered.  Somewhere along the way the name Phryne Fisher, a female detective based in 1920s Australia, was mentioned.  Not having seen a tale based on the continent Down Under, I thought to give it a try.  Fisher embodies all the classic characteristics of the 1920s detective: intelligence, curiosity, determination, compassion and bravery. In Cocaine Blues the first in the ever-expanding series, she chases illegal abortionists and cocaine smugglers while seducing a svelte Russian dancer and changing outfits more frequently than a Vegas showgirl.  Greenwood’s prose is fairly light and the plot could have used a few more twists, but she does a nice job of introducing us to both the main character and the supporting cast of communist cab drivers, a devoted maid, and a trailblazing female doctor, all of whom assist our heroine in solving the mystery and whom I expect to see often in future volumes.  Fortunately, my local library has several of them on hand.

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