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The Sybil & Sleuth: Historical Mysteries of Ancient Greece.  The historical mystery sub-genre has grown so much that readers can now specialize in even more specific sub-sub-genres related to a specific time period, location, or type of main character.  The advantage of such narrow focuses is that devotees can really capture everything that is available on that topic and become experts in their field.  One such expert is Kris Swank, who maintains The Sybil & Sleuth.  Here you’ll find the latest news on books set in mythological Greece with the gods and goddesses through the classical “golden age” of the Peloponnesian city-states to the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine eras.  Swank makes note of not only novels, but short stories and entries in anthologies as well.  Each section is arranged alphabetically by author with the principal character, place and time period listed for each entry.  Every novel also receives a short synopsis and links to for those ready to buy.  Navigating the site is quite easy and there are many cross links and see also references.  One exceptional feature is that Swank has arranged interviews with several authors which give even more insight into their titles.  For those not satisfied with Greece as a setting, an excellent list of online resources for historical mysteries is also available.


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