Set up, Joke, Set up, Joke

Set up, Joke, Set up, Joke by Rob Long.  I really wanted to like this book.  I really did.  I went to high school with Rob’s brother and even had Thanksgiving dinner at their parents’ house one time in college.  But one hundred pages into this story of a year in the life of a sitcom writer, I was in despair.  This wasn’t funny.  I wasn’t laughing.  I know Rob’s funny.  He wrote great stuff on Cheers for years for gosh sake.  Maybe I didn’t “get” the dark, edgy, satirical humor or maybe I needed to see it delivered visually onscreen.  Sure, there were plenty of anecdotes, but maybe I needed to be more inside the “Industry” to get the jokes.  Eighty pages later and I realized what a great writer Rob really is.  It wasn’t supposed to be funny and I wasn’t supposed to be laughing, smiling to myself sometimes sure, but not rolling on the floor.  This wasn’t a sitcom he was writing; it was a fiction story about unlikable people and the craziness that is Hollywood based on his experiences over the years.  He had captured those emotions and made his reader actually feel them.  For more of Rob’s great writing, check out his weekly blog every Wednesday at Martini Shot.


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