Historical Myst. at Gaslight Books

For readers who prefer a whole series of stories by the same author in order to see characters develop over time rather than isolated tales, Gaslight Books, “a specialty bookshop in Canberra, Australia, for readers of crime, mystery and detective fiction, and science fiction, fantasy and horror” has put together an excellent checklist for historical mysteries set before 1918.  It is arranged alphabetically by author with over 200 writers listed, from Mary Jo Adamson and Boris Akunin to Ann Woodward and M.J. Zellnik.  Each author entry includes the name of the principal character and, with a few exceptions, the location and time period of each book.  The databases maintained by Kim Malo and N.S. Hurt have much the same information, but it never hurts to have another source and here the titles are arranged by publication date, whereas with Hurt each author’s titles are arranged alphabetically.  There are several pseudonym references, a few links to author web sites and notations about retitling of books for foreign editions.  In addition to the main list, at the bottom of the page there are separate lists for anthologies and for books set between the Wars (1918-1939).  One downside to this site is that it has not been updated since February 2007.  I can only hope that this is a temporary problem and does not reflect an abandonment of the effort.


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