Ancient Egypt in Mysteries & Thrillers

We continue our look at specialized, online historical mystery resources by moving across the Mediterranean from Greece and Italy to the land of the Pharaohs. The Ancient Egypt in Mysteries & Thrillers list is just a small part of Noreen Doyle’s enormous site on Egyptomania, the “post-pharaonic fascination with ancient Egypt.” As such, it is limited by this period focus and “works set in Egypt that do not deal with some aspect of ancient Egypt, its remains, or its students (such as many of Michael Pearce’s “Mamur Zapt” mysteries) are omitted.” Despite this limitation, the breath of this bibliography is quite substantial and Doyle, who is a “writer, editor, and consultant with graduate degrees in Egyptology and nautical archaeology,” frequently updates the site.

The main section of stories set in ancient Egypt is arranged by author. Here you will find the Judge Amerotke series by Paul Doherty and the Lord Meren series by Linda Robinson among many others. Nick Drake’s excellent story, Nefertiti: the Book of the Dead, is the most recently added entry. Title entries are arranged by initial publication date and also include publisher, city published, subsequent editions and translations and a very short synopsis. A second section of stories not set in ancient Egypt, but in any other time period, and that meet Doyle’s criteria for inclusion follows. Egyptomania also includes sections for other genres such as science fiction, biblical fiction, romances, and fiction for children and young adults. One nice feature is an author list covering all the genres with links connecting the author list to the more detailed genre entries. There is also a list of sites for movies depicting ancient Egypt.


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