Evan Almighty on DVD

Evan Almighty on DVD. I am not a Steve Carell fan. I think The Office is awful and The 40-year-old Virgin was merely average. But I like Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) and Morgan Freeman, so I gave this movie a shot. In this sequel to Bruce Almighty, with Carell reprises his Evan Baxter character and finds his life forever changed when God asks him to build an ark. I won’t waste any more time describing the plot because the movie wasn’t that great. Fortunately, its message of “save the environment” wasn’t thrown in viewers faces like spittle from an alpaca and the supporting themes of faith, family and acts of random kindness will leave viewers feeling sugary sweet. The problem was that there were too few moments of comedic excellence. Really, the only reason to watch the movie is to better understand the excellent bonus features.

I am fascinated by how movies are made and this DVD is packed with features on the visual effects used in the movie, how a full-sized ark was built in a Virginia suburb, the training of the amazing animals used on set, and the extensive make-up preparation that Carell went through each day. I wish more DVDs would have explanatory features like these.

1 Response to “Evan Almighty on DVD”

  1. 1 rohit November 4, 2007 at 10:32 am

    I’ve never actually looked at all the bonus features they put on DVD’s maybe I shal start now. This blog’s starting to look up now(although I must have done something earlier cause the comment before this did not publish) and I’m even starting to look at some of the books mentioned here

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