Two comments on television

Two quick notes on television:  First, I have become so frustrated with instant replay delays during football games that I have instituted a new rule: if a play is “under review,” then I’m changing the channel.  I may come back to the game later, but I may not.  And in the meantime, I’ll watch someone else’s channel.  It’s not that I oppose instant replay itself, just the unnecessary frequency with which these reviews take place and the lengthy process for each that is killing the flow of the game.

Second, I have always been a fan of “Numbers” on CBS on Friday nights.  It’s one of my two favorite shows on tv right now with “Bones” on Fox on Tuesdays being the other.  The last three episodes of Numbers have been fantastic with exceptionally twisted plots and excellent character developments for the three Epps men.  If the rest of this year’s episodes are as good, then it would be a shame for the ongoing writer’s strike to interrupt this show’s best season.



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