Update on sites featuring Greece & Rome

I’m always looking for new sites and sources to help me find even more books to read.  Sometimes the sites are worthy of their own review, such as Kris Swank’s on mysteries of Ancient Greece and Richard Heli’s on Rome.  Others I am able to incorporate into a review of a particular book, like I did with the Van Gulik sites earlier this week.  Usually, I’ll add the sites to my blogroll for future use and easy access.  But if a site is no longer being maintained or maybe isn’t exactly on topic, then I hesitate to include it on the blogroll or give it a full review.  However, that doesn’t mean it should not be mentioned, especially if it can supplement another site.  The three sites mentioned below are no longer active, are not focused on historical mysteries precisely, and cover topics I’ve previously reviewed, but you might give them a look anyway.

Dr. Jeanne Reames of the University of Nebraska, Omaha maintains a site on fiction written about Alexander the Great.  Her comprehensive list of novels, last updated in October 2005, includes only a few mysteries, all written by either P.C. Doherty as Anna Apostolou or as himself.  I have read all of the mysteries listed here and enjoyed them, but Dr. Reames did not. 

Nick Lowe of the University of London maintains a site on Ancient Greece in Fiction.  The last update was on September 19, 2006.  This list of books is arranged by time period, then by publication date.  No synopses are provided.  As with the Reames’ site, this is more a general fiction list than one specifically for mysteries, although it does include Paul Doherty and Margaret Doody.

Fred Mench at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey developed a database of “over 1500 titles of novels available in English that are set in ancient Rome, the city itself or the Roman world, from the time of the monarchy to the empire.”  The site was last updated on September 13, 2005.  Again, more a site for historical fiction rather than mysteries, but searching for just mysteries is easy and 108 entries match that criterion.  Brief synopses of each title are given, many of them by Richard Heli.  A select few titles have reviews.  One interesting feature of the site is the collection of essays on historical fiction, which include insights from authors in this field.


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