More public library historical mystery lists

On occasion, I’ll go searching for more historical mystery lists compiled by the reader’s advisory departments at public libraries around the country.  I have no trouble finding them, but some offer nothing more than author, title, time period and location and are often not updated regularly.  The four selected below aren’t necessarily of the highest quality, but they aren’t bad and there’s a slight personal connection to each of the libraries.  Downer’s Grove is near where my dad grew up; I did some master’s work in Massachusetts, my aunt lives just north of Fairfax County and my sister lives in the Seattle area.  As always, if you know of a public library with such a list, please let me know.

Downer’s Grove, IL has ten different lists, all created in 2001.  Two lists, the “bookmark” and “bibliography,” are all-encompassing with different eras and locations and are the only ones to include detailed book summaries.  The other eight are for specific time periods and include only era, location, and principal character information, not detailed plot summaries.

The list from Wakefield, MA is adapted from lists provided in Jennifer Palmer’s article: “Mysteries of the Ages: Four Millennia of Murder and Mayhem in Historical Mysteries,” in The Armchair Detective (Spring 1997).  It includes many stories based in United States and in the early 20th century, areas I don’t usually read.

Fairfax County, VA has another list of stories based in U.S. and is arranged alphabetically by character’s first name.

Seattle, WA has a standard list of the best known authors with titles set both in U.S. and other countries and across broad range of time periods.  They also include synopses for each title.


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