Renee Vink’s author database

A medieval quadrant: the homepage of Renee Vink.  Dutch author Renee Vink has yet another database of historical mystery authors with almost 1,100 titles.  Most titles listed are in English, but there are over 100 each in German and French as well.  Vink emphasis is on Antiquity and the Middle Ages so the list is very comprehensive for settings prior to 1800 and less so for settings after 1850.  The main database is arranged by author and includes fields for title, language, publication year, location and a period code (1 – Antiquity, 2 – Middle Ages, etc.).  The letter “J” is used for juvenile books.  There is a second database that is a subset of the main and includes only stories set in the Medieval period.  It is broken down by language first, then by author and includes more detailed information on the time period and subject matter of each title. 

Using a period code instead of the actual year is a weakness, but not a major one.  More troublesome is that the site has not been updated since December 2004, so many titles and authors are not included and the “Recent and Forthcoming Titles” page is obsolete.   This database should be used as a supplement to Hurt’s (my review), Malo’s and Feder’s (reviews still to come).


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