Clues Unlimited Bookstore

Since I get all my books through my excellent public library, I don’t often visit bookstore websites.  But any store that has a potbellied pig as its mascot deserves at least a mention.  Clues Unlimited in Tuscon, AZ has four separate lists devoted to historical mysteries, though their definition of the genre is a bit broad, so you may find some historical fiction here as well.  Their best list covers what’s new and forthcoming in the genre and is updated every other month.  It includes reissues and paperback editions as well as new titles.  The font may be a bit hard on the eyes, but I liked that they put their staff-recommended titles in red.  The short synopses often don’t include date or location information.  They assume that users are familiar enough with these books that such information is unnecessary, not an outlandish assumption perhaps given the specialty nature of their business.  This service is a welcome addition to the updates provided by Hurt and Malo.

The undated list of book series set in the medieval time period includes the first title in each series and a brief description of the primary character and setting, but doesn’t seem to have been updated recently.  The two lists for historicals set in Great Britain and the United States respectively were both written in 2001, are arranged chronologically by era, then roughly alphabetically by author and include first titles in each series and brief descriptions as well.

Similar to the public library advisory lists, if you know a bookstore doing an exceptional job with historical mysteries, please let me know.


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