Mix and match magazine title game

Just because I’m retired doesn’t mean I’ve stopped looking at job notices. I especially like the ones at mediabistro. Sometimes, I just look at the names of the media companies and to try to guess what topic they cover, because sometimes they can get too creative for their own good. Another source for titles is Resource Shelf’s occasional Virtual Magazine / Serial Newsstand. See how well you do at this mix and match game. Answers are below, so be careful scrolling down.

1. Dime Magazine A. lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community
2. BowTie Inc. B. pets and animals
3. The Knot C. lifestyle magazines with a business/finance bent
4. RainToday.com D. parenting and family life
5. Kaboose Inc. E. wedding resource
6. Grist F. Boston’s bi-weekly guide to entertainment and culture
7. Doubledown Media G. basketball
8. The Daily Galaxy H. news on science, space exploration, technology in pop culture.
9. PlanetOut I. insight & advice on marketing and selling professional services
10. The Improper Bostonian J. environmental news and issues






Answers: 1-G, 2-B, 3-E, 4-I, 5-D, 6-J, 7-C, 8-H, 9-A, 10-F


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