Live Free or Die Hard on DVD

Live Free or Die Hard on DVD.  I really like the Die Hard series of action films, and although this fourth episode isn’t as good as the original, it will definitely raise your temperature and adrenaline level.  In a plot line similar to Willis’ 2006 release, 16 Blocks, Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) must safely transport an innocent witness/suspect (Justin Long), but once again has his holiday (4th of July this time) ruined by an evil genius who can’t figure out that McClane is one, tough SOB to kill: bombs and gas explosions aren’t big enough, mercenaries with automatic rifles can’t hit him, even an F-35 fighter can’t stop him.  Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) is no Hans Gruber, but he’s capable enough to dismantle the transportation, financial and telecommunications networks of the country in order to get revenge on the government and to facilitate the theft of billions of dollars (it’s always about the money).  While there are plenty of car chases, exploding helicopters and fantastic stunts, some of which are “oh, my god” startling, this installment of the series lacks the cat-and-mouse suspense of the first movie.  The two main hand-to-hand fight scenes, especially the one with Mai Lihn (Maggie Q), are quite good, but most of the time the fighting takes place from a distance and between vehicles.  Fans of the series will be happy with the improvement of the main feature from previous episodes, but will be disappointed that the DVD doesn’t include more behind-the-scenes featurettes.


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