mid-day update

It’s 1:20 and things are progressing well. calling open womens singles semis and the last mens quarter is in the third game. Hentschel will play Norman in one semi and Hussey awaits the winner of Matt Wrobel and Ang Nguyen (winner at Omaha earlier this year) in the other.

Sai is back out on the court against Hermann from Omaha. He lost the first game but is winning 10-8 in the second. 10-9, nice drive, then drop for point 11-9, 12-9. 13-9. Hermann is tiring. 14-9 with a nice smash. If Sai can avoid errors, he could win this game. 14-11. 15-11. nice use of clear and drop. another nice drop 16-11. 16-12. 17-12. 17-13. Hermann trying to use his smash to shorten points. 17-14. 17-15. net error 18-15. clear error 18-16. 18-17. nice return 19-17. 19-18. drop error 20-18. 20-19. 20-20. good attack 21-20. missed drop 21-21. nice defense by hermann 21-22. service err 22-22. 22-23 hermann attacks. nice point 22-24.


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