sai in c singles

sai dropped intot the C singles and is back on court. serving a bit better. not using the wrist hold we worked on earlier this week. using his smash effectively. need to get smash return a bit closer to net. smash return on fh going xcourt all the time. still a close game, but I don’t know score. nice drop, 21-15.

game 2. 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, not a good drop, 1-3, error 2-3, short serve, but smash wasn’t good, 3-3, 4-3, good attack 5-3, short serve again 5-4, return error, 5-5, serve error 6-5, bh drop error 6-6, net error 6-7, smash too flat, 6-8, nice drop 6-9, error 7-9, 8-9, drop error, 9-9, good long point 10-9, nice push 11-9, smash error 11-10, return error 11-11, 11-12, 11-13 on short clear, 11-14, nice drop 12-14, return error 13-14, 13-15, nice net 13-16, good smash 14-16, good rally 15-16, return error 16-16, 16-17, smash 17-17, new bird, error 18-17, 18-18, 18-19, 18-20, 18-21.


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