A Prayer for the Damned

I have returned from visiting my sister’s house, pictured above, and have several new posts ready for publication, beginning with one of my favorite authors.  It made the five-hour delay for my plane somewhat bearable.

A Prayer for the Damned by Peter Tremayne. In the latest episode involving Irish heroine Sister Fidelma, the religeuse, legal expert and investigator extraordinaire is about to finalize her marriage to the Saxon Eadulf. The High King as well as many other kings and secular and ecclesiastic visitors are arriving at Fidelma’s brother’s castle for the event, but before the ceremony can take place, one of the guests is found murdered. The main suspect requests that Fidelma investigate and despite numerous attempts to rush the process, Fidelma patiently identifies several other suspects with motive and opportunity to commit the crime. She then narrows down the list as clues manifest themselves and lies are exposed. The plot in this volume is especially complex as there are many interrelationships, and therefore grudges and animosity, between the Irish nobles. The role of women in Irish society and changes in Christian church policies are also important themes in this particular story. Once again, Tremayne’s use of language and Irish history and folklore conveys perfectly the atmosphere of 7th century Ireland.


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