Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on DVD

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on DVD.  It’s Star Wars at magic school.  We’ve got Harry in the role of Luke Skywalker, our young hero, immensely talented, able, though reluctant, to lead a rag tag group of fighters against evil.  He is struggling with his development and the eternal question of whether he’s a good or bad person.  We’ve got Lord Voldemort as Darth Vader, the omnipotent villain with a telepathic connection to our hero by which he attempts to convince Harry to join him on the dark side.  We’ve got Headmaster Dumbledore as Obi-Wan Kenobi, mentor to our hero, father-figure to the orphaned boy.  We even get a thrilling fight scene between villain and mentor using light “wands” as the protégé watches.  I liked the new characters of Luna Lovegood, another classmate of Harry’s, and the officious Dolores Umbridge, a new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, sent by the Ministry of Magic to spy at Hogswart.  Her love of all things pink makes an interesting contrast to her more sadistic tendencies and her wall of proclamations and use of an Inquisitorial squad have 1984 undertones.  Overall, the movie started a bit too slowly, but the final confrontation was worth the wait.  I was disappointed that the Widescreen edition DVD did not have any special features.


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