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I have found mixed results using review sites to locate new authors. Some, like Mystery Reader, have good reviews, but other flaws. One that I have been impressed with for its breadth of subject matter is Danny’s Reviews, run by Danny Yee. Yee is an Australian who has been publishing reviews online since 1992. His totally image free site is easy to navigate and well-organized with over 900 reviews divided into more than 100 categories. The search function works well and readers can receive updates via an email subscription service or via RSS. Some reviews are short like mine (about 200 words), but others are much more extensive. Titles that he especially likes are given either a one or two star rating. The three most relevant subject lists for historical mystery readers are historical mystery, historical fiction, and detective fiction, but Danny’s eclectic and wide-ranging tastes means that it can be some time between reviews of on-topic titles. In fact, it appears that the last historical mystery was in March.

The historical mystery list is rather short and I have read all of the titles on it except one. The lone exception is My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk, set in 16th century Istanbul with much detail on Islamic art and illustration and was starred by Danny. As readers of this blog know, Istanbul is one of my favorite locations about which to read, so, even though Danny warns that it is “slow moving in places and not recommended for those who want a straightforward historical mystery after the fashion of Ellis Peters or Lindsey Davis,” I will still give it a try soon.

The detective fiction list is mostly contemporary, but does have two titles which might interest historical mystery fans: The Curious Casebook of Inspector Hanshichi: Detective Stories of Old Edo by Okamoto Kido (Japan in the 1850s) and René Leys by Victor Segalen (Peking in 1911). Danny much prefers Segalen and again gives it a starred review, but unfortunately for me, neither of these are available at my local library, so I’ll have to search elsewhere to find them.

Historical fiction is one of Danny’s favorite subjects with over 50 titles reviewed, but I have not investigated each title thoroughly yet.


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