Blind Eye

Blind Eye by Marilyn Todd.  Readers of Todd’s Claudia Seferius series set in Rome will easily see a sisterly resemblance between that character and the High Priestess Iliona in Todd’s new series set in 5th century Greece.  Iliona is a strong, independent woman who has achieved some stature and is in conflict with a sexy, authoritative man, in this case the head of Sparta’s secret police, Lysander.  These two lead a team sent to Sicily to unearth the truth behind an attack on the island’s defenses.  Once members of the group start “accidentally” dying, Iliona determines that there is a traitor among them, working with the Athenians to bring down the incumbent Spartan king and plunge all of Greece into turmoil.  Iliona is confident that she can expose the snake behind the plot, but the game isn’t over until the final card is played.

Todd does a nice job of conveying the Sicilian atmosphere and supplements a simple plot with sufficient twists and turns.  The levels of tension and action are more than enough to keep readers interested and there is good chemistry between the two main characters.  Only one supporting person is well-developed, the female physician Jocasta, loyal to the priestess and to her oath as a doctor, but who wants to lead a rebellion of her own against the Spartan aristocracy.  However, many other people were mentioned in passing and, therefore, the possibility exists for a deeper cast of characters as the series continues.  Todd is not a brilliant author, but is consistently entertaining, and this series has some worthwhile possibilities. 


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