Spiderman 3 on DVD

Spiderman 3 on DVD.  Life is complicated for Peter Parker.  He has to maintain his secret identity, assist the police when things go horribly wrong in the city, be an attentive boyfriend to an emotionally-needy actress, and his best friend wants to kill him in revenge for his father’s death.  Just when things are settling down, along come an arrogant and unethical competitor who wants to take his job at the Daily Bugle and a new supervillain whose shape-shifting ability makes him practically indestructible.  Did I forget to mention the alien goo that feeds on anger and brings out the aggressive personality of anyone it binds itself to?  One might wonder if the producers of this blockbuster series were concerned that the third installment might be the last, so they threw all their ideas into the mix.  Between the spectacular fight scenes and multiple plotlines, anyone watching this film had better stay awake in order to keep up.  The special effects, especially those with the Sandman, are fascinating.  I wish there had been a featurette which explained how those were created, but instead we get a gallery of still images with no commentary.  In the end, everything is neatly tied up with a super sweet message of forgiveness.  Maybe now Peter can use his superpowers to fix his own door!


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