The Bourne Ultimatum on DVD

The Bourne Ultimatum on DVD.  Now this is an almost perfect DVD.  In preparation for watching Ultimatum, I saw The Bourne Supremacy the night before and it might be the best of the three Jason Bourne films.  Ultimatum picks up Jason almost immediately after the previous film ends as a wanted man limping his way through Moscow.  He continues his quest for knowledge about who he was before he became an assassin and how he was reborn in that role.  His adventure leads him throughout Europe and Morocco and eventually to New York all while avoiding, or subduing his enemies and the local authorities.  The sympathetic women in his life, Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) and Pamela Landy (Joan Allen), are back assisting him in his battle against those who want to eliminate him and any trace of his existence.  David Strathairn, who I thought was excellent in We are Marshall, gives another very good performance as the CIA Deputy Director tasked with hunting down Bourne.

The Bourne films have supplanted Bruce Willis’ Die Hard series as the best action movies available today.  Some critics may argue that it’s basically the same movie every time with limited character development beyond Bourne.  But whereas the Die Hard movies have devolved into a series of one-liners and explosions (similar to the Terminator films) and the Bond movies have been overwhelmed with gadgetry, Bourne’s producers and directors continue to present a more realistic hero, who through his training and experience has developed outstanding physical and mental skills.  He doesn’t seduce every woman he meets, fly fighter jets, or have a watch with a laser in it.  He takes the train.

The extras on the DVD do a fine job of explaining what it takes to create the breathtaking chases and fights and the advantages and limitations of each shooting location.


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