Stop, You’re Killing Me!

Stop, You’re Killing Me! is another good resource for historical mystery fans.  Maintained by Lucinda Surber and Stan Ulrich, the site also covers other genres including thrillers, crime, spy and suspense novels, but finding material on HM is quite easy.  The core of the site is made up of the author and character indices with over 2,300 authors listed.  Each series has a brief description, but individual titles do not.  However, links are provided to many author’s pages for more information.  There are additional indices for location, profession and diversity.  The Historical Period index divides all history prior to the 20th century into six eras, each with their own page, which are arranged alphabetically by author’s last name with links back into the author index.  Perhaps reflecting the site’s coverage of all mystery genres, each decade in the 20th century has its own page. 

The What’s New pages describe additions made to the indices during the last two months as well as new hardcover and paperback release information, which is also available via their twice monthly e-newsletter.  In addition, the editors also offer four short reviews each month of the books they are reading.  One interesting note is that first-time authors most likely will not be found here as “The genesis of SYKM was the desire to read books in order, series or non-series, so we focus on authors who have several books to list. Generally [SYKM puts] authors with only one book on a “watch list” until they have a second book scheduled for publication.”

Is there a lot of unique information on this site that you won’t find in the other major historical mystery indices?  Probably not, though forthcoming books in the main indices do include publication release dates, not a feature found on all sites.  But the site is well-designed, frequently updated, easy to navigate and it’s always good to have another source to check.


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