The Kingdom on DVD

The Kingdom on DVD.  This is a terrific action movie about the investigation of a bombing within a supposedly secure American compound in Saudi Arabia that kills several American citizens.  Jamie Foxx leads a four-person FBI team overseas and works with local law enforcement officers to track down the murderer who planned this event.  Overcoming governmental bureaucracy as well as cultural prejudices and differences are a critical part to the development of the characters, but they are not overplayed or exploited.  Although viewers don’t see a lot of the criminal on screen, there is enough to recognize and understand his point of view and the relatively dark ending should give viewers something to think about.

First and foremost though, is the intensity of the action.  From the treatment of the opening credits all the way through to the climactic scene, there is a tremendous sense of movement and speed.  Director Peter Berg’s (Friday Night Lights) frequent use of hand-held cameras brings viewers closer to the scenes and enhances the experience.  With the amount of explicit violence and death, this is not a movie for young audience members.

There are at least an hour of special features on the DVD, some better than others.  There is additional footage from important scenes, background on pre-production training, the efforts for authenticity while shooting in Arizona and the United Arab Emirates, and a detailed breakdown of special effects for one of the major action sequences.


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