More historical mystery resources from bookstores

I’ve mentioned before that I am a heavy library patron, not necessarily a book buyer, but it has been a while since I last reviewed any bookstores, such as Gaslight Books or Clues Unlimited, which have taken the time to create special pages devoted to historical mysteries.  This time I went through the entire list of mystery bookstores provided The Mystery Place, but found only three which met this criteria.

Aunt Agatha’s bookstore in Ann Arbor, MI has a page for historicals which lists twenty-one authors and a total of thirty-four books.  It’s a pretty even split between U.S. and non-U.S. settings and, with just a few exceptions, all of the books are linked to extensive reviews.

One of the category codes in the online catalog at Murder by the Book in Portland, OR is “period.”  The definition for inclusion in this category is a period setting through World War II.  There are six sub-categories:  Cradle Civilizations (Mysteries set in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome), Other Early Cultures (Asian, Byzantine, & Mayan), Medieval, 16th-18th Century, 19th & Early 20th Century, and WWI through WWII.  Within each sub-category, books are arranged alphabetically by author.  Additional information, including multiple reviews from the major book review magazines, is available for many titles.

The staff at Mystery Loves Company in Maryland has created a title list for Middle Ages mysteries similar to the one from Gaslight Books.  It includes author, title, and price information, plus a very brief note on the period.  It won’t be much use for experienced readers in the genre, but for newcomers, it could be helpful.  They also have created a category code for historical mysteries, which allows online browsers to see all titles in stock in this genre.

None of the three resources are outstanding, but historical mysteries is still such a small sub-genre for booksellers that I felt I should make mention of my appreciation for their effort.  As always, if anyone out there knows of libraries or bookstores with specialized lists for HM books, please let me know.


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