Few comments on TV

Just a few quick comments on stuff I’ve recently seen on television.  First, on Friday our regional Fox Sports station was rebroadcasting a hockey game featuring our local team.  The game had been played the previous night on the west coast and, given the late start time, I had not been able to stay up for the whole thing.  At one point, an audio message was read that “due to time constraints, we move forward in the game.”  I don’t have a problem with compressing the game a little, especially since it’s a repeat from the previous night.  My problem is that during the three minutes of game action that they skipped, someone scored a goal.  The first goal of the game.  With 6:57 left in the second period.  Who’s the idiot who made this editing decision?  I understand hockey is more than just scoring, but Fox Sports, please show viewers all the scoring action in the future!

On a brighter note, if you haven’t seen the PBS series “Pioneers of Television”, I highly recommend it.  Each hour-long episode of this four-part series looks at one genre of early television shows and how they evolved during the early years of the medium.  They analyze how these shows were put together, the stars that set the standards for others to follow and the changes that happened along the way.  There are lots of wonderful archival clips and hundreds of interviews.  The four genres studied are: sitcoms, late night, variety and game shows.  Unfortunately, the series may be finished in your market, but there is a DVD available.

I also love the relatively new Monster.com ads, especially the one where the whole community wakes up early and struggles to keep Monday morning at bay.  Very funny.  BBDO continues to produce great work.  Can’t wait to see what they’ve got for the Super Bowl.


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