War on DVD

War on DVD.  You would expect that a movie headlined by Jet Li and Jason Statham would be an action adventure thriller with lots of fantastic martial arts fighting.  Unfortunately, with “War” you’d only be half-right.  There was significantly less martial arts than I was hoping for, despite a fairly high level of violence overall.  What saves this movie from being a huge disappointment is the twisting, changing storyline complete with a bizarre and totally unexpected revelation at the end.  Statham plays a FBI agent in charge of a task force assigned to Asian Organized Crime, whereas Li plays Rogue, an assassin who seems to be working both sides of a battle between a Japanese Yakuza clan and a Chinese Triad family.  Rogue’s character is interesting and the plot twists will keep viewers attention, but after hearing the director’s (Philip Atwell) commentary on the action scenes in the DVD’s bonus features and reading an interview with him about the film, I believe it’s his fault these two stars were not allowed to show their entire range of skills.  This was Atwell’s first attempt at directing a feature film after several very successful years in the music video business.

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