Face Down O’er the Border by Kathy Lynn Emerson

Face Down O’er the Border by Kathy Lynn Emerson.  This is the tenth in the Lady Susanna Appleton series set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.  As has happened in previous books, much of the action here takes place in Scotland as Appleton’s sister-in-law, Lady Catherine Glenelg, is accused of murdering her mother-in-law near Edinburgh, though due to a fall, she can’t remember the events of the fatal afternoon.  Before escaping overseas with her friend, Annabel MacReynolds, a spy-for-hire, Lady Glenelg, sends her daughter to Susanna for safe-keeping, but the child and nurse never arrive.  Complicating matters is the fact that Lord Glenelg, Catherine’s eight-year-old son, is currently in residence at the royal court of King James VI, Scotland’s eleven-year-old ruler, and would face repercussions as a result of his mother’s actions.  Lady Appleton, along with her lover, Nick Baldwin, head across the border to find the missing child, sneak the boy away from court, and solve the murder.

These stories typically do not contain much violence and there is usually a bit of romance along the way.  The series has been hit-and-miss, but I think this tale is one of the better additions.  I was disappointed with the use of the amnesia subplot, as it seemed overly contrived and I am not a fan of the method used to reveal the criminal, but Emerson does well with her description of Elizabethan times and the inclusion of MacReynolds and young Lord Glenelg will keep readers interested.


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