Perfect Stranger on DVD

Perfect Stranger on DVD.  The excellent casting of Bruce Willis as the smug, temperamental, philandering advertising executive Harrison Hill is what makes this thriller a surprising success.  After the death of her friend, who has been having an affair with Hill, investigative reporter Rowena Price (Halle Berry), with the assistance of her tech-savvy friend, Miles, attempts to gather the evidence to convict Hill of murder. 

Director James Foley explains during the “making of” featurette that he was seeking a high “hot fudge factor,” the contrast one finds between the dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream in a sundae.  The two main settings, Hill’s H2A offices and Price’s apartment, are supremely different with one being light, airy and full of glass walls and windows whereas the other is all dark wood and shadows.  The costume designer purposely selected monochrome outfits for most of the cast yet frequently featured one person in each scene in a blaze of color.  And writers Rood Komarnicki and Jon Bokenkamp make sure that each of the three principal characters are hiding secrets gradually revealed throughout the film.  Like a holographic jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces in place, when viewed from a different angle, a new image appears to delight viewers.


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