Thank you for smoking on DVD

Thank you for smoking on DVD.  This film will not make you fall out of your seat laughing, but it does have some very funny lines and a few good scenes, especially the one with Sam Elliott.  Aaron Eckhart stars as the charismatic Nick Naylor, chief lobbyist for the tobacco industry.  His world is one filled with vilifying talk show hosts, old-time tobacco businessmen in exclusive southern clubs, sneaky journalists out for blood (and other bodily fluids), and antagonistic congressmen.  It’s a lonely life.  His only friends are fellow lobbyists from the alcohol and gun industries and he only sees his 12-year-old son on weekends since his divorce.  Naylor spends much of the movie explaining what he does to his son and anyone else who cares to listen and it’s a message of free speech and personal freedom to choose.  Director Jason Reitman would have you believe that it is a film about America’s overuse of spin doctors and political correctness, but that’s just his own spin.  Enjoy the film and have a few laughs without worrying about the political message.


1 Response to “Thank you for smoking on DVD”

  1. 1 patrick April 3, 2008 at 12:48 pm

    Thank You for Smoking is certainly relevant for us moder media-heads; i appreciate the fact that it gets into more than the morality of smoking

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