The Brave One on DVD

The Brave One on DVD.  This was an intelligent, suspenseful thriller until the last fifteen minutes, when the believability of the action and moral consistency of the characters both deteriorate.  Some may find characters whose morals change at the critical point in a film to be more true-to-life or may see it as an interesting plot twist.  I feel that if the filmmakers develop and present a character as having one set of morals, to abruptly change them without explanation is a disservice to the audience.

Jodie Foster is the victim of a brutal assault in Central Park.  The development of her character as she struggles to overcome her fear of venturing outside in New York City, attempts to return to her job as a radio show host, and eventually decides to become a vigilante is intriguing.  Having a woman in the lead role brings a new dimension to the vigilante film genre.  Terrence Howard is the detective assigned to investigate the killings that she commits.

Foster’s is my second-favorite voice in film today.  To have her play a radio show host and to act as narrator for much of the movie was quite wonderful.  Combined with Howard’s own unique voice, it made for a great movie to listen to as well as watch.


1 Response to “The Brave One on DVD”

  1. 1 hmks March 24, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    I liked the ending.

    But I’m a redhead with a long memory. So vigilantism seems realistic to me. 🙂

    Foster is wonderful in this role. This movie kept me riveted and I highly recommend it.

    Heidi of

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