Nancy Drew on DVD

Nancy Drew on DVD.  I enjoyed the Nancy Drew books growing up, watched the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew television series and have even seen some of the old B&W movies as well.  This updated version is cute, simple tale for fans of the character, but there is very little back story given, so newcomers to the character might be left in the dark about some things.  It’s set in contemporary time, but has a unique blend of traditional and modern elements.  Nancy has a cell phone and digital recorder and rappels down buildings, but maintains a classical wardrobe and drives a vintage blue convertible.  Emma Roberts plays the title role and does a good job as the intelligent, caring, risk-taking sleuth.  The very simple plot has Nancy joining her father in Los Angeles, where his legal work has led to a temporary assignment.  Although she has promised her father that she will refrain from detective work while on the West Coast, she deliberately has them rent a house where a famous movie actress mysteriously died.  Coming from small-town River Heights, Nancy is a bit different than the other kids at Hollywood High, but attracts the amorous attention of an absurdly young classmate who also doesn’t fit in with the crowd and who tags along as she searches for clues.  No explanation is given as to why Nancy is allowed to leave her old school for just a temporary stay in California or how her boyfriend Ned gets an extended vacation to visit her, but such is the fantasy world of movies.  As Nancy and her gang get closer to the truth behind the mystery, she finds herself in peril more than once, but manages to corral the villain in the end.  A good batch of special features that are not typical of most DVDs adds value.  They include interesting interviews with the young cast and information about the props used by Nancy, but a brief history of the character, the books and television series would have been a good addition as well.


2 Responses to “Nancy Drew on DVD”

  1. 1 hmks March 24, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    Do you think this film was for kids? I stayed away from it because I felt it might be a “Kid Flick” but I was intrigued. I like your review and it has helped me decide not to watch this movie unless it is on some random movie channel on some random weekend when I have nothing else to do. 🙂

    Heidi of

  2. 2 unsetclock March 25, 2008 at 10:19 am

    I think that kids will appreciate the whole “fish-out-of-water” idea and the high school scenes better than adults. But that’s only part of the film. This is a mystery movie and although some adults will have trouble with a 16-year-old sleuth, she does come up with creative ways of finding clues and putting the pieces together. Plus, a lot of baby boomers and older people will remember reading the books and might appreciate the updated look at the character. Harry Potter is a kid’s movie, but with some adult themes. This movie isn’t quite like that, but it’s also not a Disney animated film or a Hannah Montana show either.

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