Hitman on DVD

Hitman on DVD.  Despite an unoriginal and flawed script, this film, based on the video game of the same name, was enjoyable because of the interesting principal characters.  Timothy Olyphant plays the unnamed hero, trained since childhood to be an assassin for an underground group known as the Organization.  The training scenes were remarkably similar to those from Jessica Alba’s television series, Dark Angel, right down to the shaven heads and the tattoos.  While on assignment in Russia, our hero discovers that for some unknown reason the Organization has agreed to sanction a contract on their best operative.  So now he must not only escape the Interpol agents tracking him, but his own people as well, sort of like the Bourne movies.  Along the way he develops a relationship with a woman, there’s always a woman, who has information about the man who wants him dead.  The interplay between the two and the expertise and preparation that Olyphant shows as an expert killer are the high points of the movie along with a couple of nice plot twists.  There is a lot of gunplay, a bit too much for my tastes, but it wasn’t too gruesome and even though I had never heard of the video game, it didn’t seem to matter at all.


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