Enchanted on DVD

Enchanted on DVD. If you’re in a slightly silly mood, then this Disney production might be just the thing for you. An evil sorceress banishes the red-haired Princess Giselle from the animated world of happiness and light to the dark real world of New York fearing that a marriage between the maiden and Prince Edward would result in the loss of control over the throne of the kingdom. Edward follows his love into the real world as does the sorceress’ henchman, whose mission to kill the princess with a poisoned apple. Giselle struggles finding her way until rescued by a down-on-love divorce lawyer and single dad Robert. He teaches her how to live in the real world and to be more than just a starry-eyed dreamer and she teaches him about romance and the importance of expressing your love to those you care about.

Amy Adams is fantastic as Giselle and deserved her Golden Globe nomination for this role. Her naivety in her new surroundings and her absolute belief that her prince would find her lead to many absurdly funny moments in the first half of the film. But her lessons to Robert and her transformation into a multi-dimensional woman by the movie’s end are also quite good.

The performances of the rest of the cast were merely adequate in support of Adams and I fast-forwarded through some of the musical numbers, but the special effects were good. This is certainly not a classic, but entertaining if you’re in the right frame of mind. The bonus features include three pieces describing in interesting detail how the big production numbers and the climactic scene were completed.


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