P.S. I Love You on DVD

P.S. I Love You on DVD. If 27 Dresses was slightly atypical for a romantic comedy due to its unlikable leading man, then this film, based on the book by Irishwoman Cecelia Ahern, is way out on the fringe of the genre, perhaps too far for my tastes. It certainly was the saddest comedy I’ve seen in a while. The trailer shows Holly Kennedy (Hilary Swank) laughing with her friends (Gina Gershon & Lisa Kudrow) as she tries to recover from the death of her husband (Gerard Butler) by fulfilling the wishes he sends through posthumously delivered letters. Well, the scenes with her friends are funny, but they are separated by long stretches of time where Holly suffers with loneliness and depression. There are also many flashbacks describing how Holly and Gerry met and lived together and two substantial subplots: a weak one involving Daniel (Harry Connick Jr.), a man who desperately wants Holly to fall in love with him and a very good one showing Holly’s difficult relationship with her mother, who also lost her love when he abandoned the family. Though primarily set in New York, director Richard LaGravenese did shoot many scenes in Ireland and the countryside looks magnificent. The ultimate message is one of hope and love and triumph, and the flashbacks show the joy of romance, but it is a misrepresentation to say this film is a comedy.


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