Santa Baby on DVD

Santa Baby on DVD. As the days get warmer, perhaps a winter holiday-themed romantic comedy would be a nice change. Workaholic woman who left her family, hometown and high school sweetheart to pursue her career ambitions is stuck in convenient, but loveless, relationship. When her father suffers heart attack, she has to come home and take over the family business. The hook: she turns out to be the daughter of Santa Claus. Jenny McCarthy plays Mary, who tries to modernize every aspect of Santa’s workshop, from the mail room to toy production to wrapping while at the same time learning how to come down chimneys and handle the reindeer. Naturally, she discovers her current boyfriend is naughty instead of nice, reconnects with her old beau, and finds her long-lost Christmas spirit which, despite all of her big plans leading to chaos, sees her through in the end. The characters are one-dimensional; the plot is quite predictable, and the ending is candy cane sweet, but like its star, it doesn’t pretend to be what it’s not and it delivers a few laughs.

There actually have been some good romantic comedies set during the holidays, though none that I can recall that actually involve the Claus family, unless you include Miracle on 34th Street. Here are some of my favorites: Desk Set (1957), Love Actually (2003), While you were sleeping (1995).


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