Untraceable on DVD

Untraceable on DVD. I am a huge fan of Diane Lane, going back to her role as a sexy singer in “Streets of Fire,” but this film was a huge disappointment. The trailer led to expectations of a wired version of “Silence of the Lambs,” with Lane portraying the cyber crime FBI agent Jennifer Marsh; something similar to her role as a Secret Service officer in “Murder at 1600” (one of my favorites). What audiences get is an uninspired, predictable plot, which devolves to the level of a teen horror film when a supposedly intelligent and fully-aware character walks blindly into the killer’s trap. The supporting characters are too thin, though Joseph Cross is not bad as Owen Reilly, the criminal who kidnaps his victims and devises intricate killing machines that operate only when people visit his website, KillWithMe.com. The murders are unnecessarily gruesome and completely overshadow the cat-and-mouse game between Marsh and Reilly. Fans of the movie-making process will appreciate the bonus features, but fans of Lane would be better served renting almost anything else from her long career: The Outsiders, The Cotton Club, The Perfect Storm, Hard Ball, Unfaithful, Under the Tuscan Sun, Hollywoodland, though maybe not Judge Dredd.

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