Summer updates from Clues Unlimited and N.S. Hurt

Summer updates from Clues Unlimited and N.S. Hurt. Last week, N.S. Hurt updated the “New Titles” page of her site with a large batch of recently released or soon-to-released books. This is one of my primary sources for new ideas and it is a wonderful resource, as I have mentioned before. However, I was a bit disappointed with the selection this time. I have read only of the titles on the new list so far (Ruth Downie’s Terra Incognita, which she had previously listed as Ruso and the Demented Doctor), but after eliminating the books set in the United States or after WWI (I prefer non-U.S. based, pre-WWI stories) and the ones that are more historical fiction rather than mystery, I was left with less than a dozen new titles. Fortunately, I’m still working through lists for the last year.

Clues Unlimited has also published its new releases for June/July and I found more success there with five titles not on Hurt’s page to add to my “to be found” list, including Rhys Bowen’s latest, A Royal Pain, and a new Sherlock Holmes pastiche, The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls by John King. As with their April/May list, the number of books set around WWI and WWII is growing. If you’re interested in mid-1930s Europe, then you’ve got a trio of options with For a Sack of Bones set in 1936 Spain, The Spies of Warsaw set in 1937 and The Map of the Creator, also set in 1937, but in Rome.

As always, you can get release dates for these titles on the Crime Thru Time new releases page or on the New Hardcovers page at Stop You’re Killing Me.


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