Crime thru Time

Today marks the one-year anniversary of this blog. Therefore, I feel it’s appropriate to write about something extra special. Without a doubt, the most important web site for historical mysteries is Crime thru Time managed by Kim Malo. I’ve mentioned it several times over the past year, but haven’t written about it in detail until now. In fact, there’s so much here, I’ll have to take two days to describe it all.

The heart of the site, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary next spring, is its vast database (“Library”) of titles. The library is arranged in alphabetical order by author’s last name. Each author’s entry includes a chronological list of all their titles with years of publication, a link to the author’s personal web site if available, and a brief description of the principal character, time and place setting for each series. If an author writes multiple series, then each gets its own entry. If an author writes under multiple names, then links are provided to the entries for each pseudonym as well. As on Hurt’s site, there is a special sub-section here devoted to historical mysteries especially written with a juvenile audience in mind.

Despite having all this information, the site is extremely easy to navigate. There is a separate page for each letter of the alphabet and each page has a linked list of all its authors right at the top for easy reference. Malo includes one book cover illustration for each author, which adds a bit of color to the generally graphic-free pages which load very fast.

Of course, the true measurement of any index of this nature is its accuracy and depth. Although there are several other good sources out there, such as Hurt, Vink and Freeman, no other database matches this one. Malo is constantly keeping the author entries current with new and forthcoming titles.


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