Aunt Ann’s birthday

Aunt Ann’s birthday. We conclude this year’s family history entries with a short profile of my Aunt Ann, who celebrates her birthday tomorrow. I mentioned her briefly in my mother’s entry last month and you can find a picture of her as a young girl there. After graduating from university, she took her first job with the Pentagon during World War II. From there she moved on to a long career with the Bureau of Labor Statistics and helped gather data from which the Consumer Price Index was calculated. She was active in many civic organizations such as the local consumer protection agency and her church, but she was especially proud of her heritage, serving as an officer with her Daughters of the American Revolution chapter and from 1983-85 she was President of the Huguenot Society of Virginia.

She was a caregiver for her mom and dad for many years in their home in Virginia. When we would visit, she would demonstrate her excellent bowling skills and introduced us to candlepin bowling, a sport we didn’t see growing up on the West Coast.

Unfortunately, now in her 80s, her health has suffered with dementia constraining her activities, though she continues to read and follow the news on television.

Ann in her African dress

Ann in her African dress


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