Sex and the City: the movie on DVD

Sex and the City: the movie on DVD. By coincidence, TBS was showing the final episodes of the television series just days before I saw the film. So there was a smooth transition from the television scene in Paris where Mr. Big tells Carrie that “she’s the one” to the opening scenes in the movie where they are living happily several years later. Fans of the HBO series will enjoy the continuing romantic adventures of the now forty-something quartet and the men in their lives, but moviegoers looking for a good romantic comedy might feel shortchanged for laughs. The usual scenes where everything looks hopeless and everyone is depressed stretch out for too long. The normally superb dialog is a bit hit-and-miss as well. Samantha’s character has several wonderful lines about the struggle to sustain a loving relationship without sacrificing the ability to develop and be true to oneself. However, other conversations were too obvious and predictable.

The fulcrum scene around which the film revolves is fantastic and I wish that a “making of” featurette just for that scene was part of the DVD package, but, disappointingly, there are no special features except for a director’s commentary version.


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