The Musketeer’s Apprentice

The Musketeer’s Apprentice by Sarah D’Almeida. As with the other books in this series, D’Almeida chooses one of the four musketeers to be the focal character of the plot. In this case, it is Porthos, who discovers the poisoned body of one of his fencing students. His comrades fear that a plot is hatching to blame Porthos for the murder and tarnish the musketeer reputation. Therefore, they get permission from their commander to investigate the death and in tracing the victim’s history and recent activities in Paris, they find the trail leading back to Porthos’ home village and family.

The internal deliberations that hampered the flow of other adventures are still present here, but are not nearly as annoying. At times, they even prove worthwhile as they show what the four men might have thought about each other and how they worked so well together. Besides the main plot featuring Porthos, readers are introduced in this book to D’Artagnan’s lover, Constance Bonacieux, wife of D’Artagnan’s landlord and servant to the Queen, who will eventually draw the Gascon into future palace schemes.


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