Kit Kittredge on DVD

Kit Kittredge on DVD. The American Girl book series has been such a tremendous success that it should not be surprising that a movie series would soon follow. The first entry in the series focuses on Kit Kettredge, a nine-year-old girl living through the Depression in Cincinnati. Given the current economic crisis, this film presents an opportunity for parents to show their children that today’s standard of living is substantially better than the America of the 1930s. After Kit’s father leaves for Chicago in search of work, Kit and her mother use every available method to earn enough to keep the family home including taking in boarders, growing vegetables, selling eggs, and sewing dresses. Kit also attempts to start her journalistic career by submitting articles to the local paper. Just as the movie begins to drag a bit, Kit and her neighbors are robbed and in order to clear the name of her hobo friend, Kit must solve the crime.

Abigail Breslin gives another good performance in the title role and the excellent cast of Julia Ormond, Chris O’Donnell, Joan Cusack and Stanley Tucci keep things crisp. Overall, this was definitely an improvement over Breslin’s previous action-adventure film, Nim’s Island, and fans of the book series will find much to like here.


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