The Joys of My Life

The Joys of My Life by Alys Clare. King Richard the Lion-Hearted is dead, but his mother, Queen Eleanor, worries that scandalous rumors will tarnish his legacy. Therefore, she commissions Abbess Helewise of Hawkenlye to build a chapel in memory of her son and Sir Josse d’Acquin, friend to the abbey, to secretly investigate one of the most heinous tales. His journey in search of the truth leads him to the cathedral at Chartres, where he crosses paths once again with his lover Joanna, priestess of the Mother Earth Goddess religion.

As with previous books, there is a fair amount of action, not much suspense to the mystery and way too much mysticism. However, Clare’s well-crafted descriptions come through as well. Thankfully, she concludes the book with a look into the future of all the characters, confirming that this indeed is the end of the series before she attempts another, also set in medieval times.


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