The Dark Knight on DVD

The Dark Knight on DVD. When the hype for a film gets as big as it did for this release, audiences are frequently disappointed in the end. That will not be the case here. Although the revolving sequence of chases, kidnappings, killings, captures, and escapes probably goes one cycle too many, overall this action-adventure sequel to Batman Begins is quite well done.

Most of the media attention has centered on Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker and his presence on screen is mesmerizing. I don’t feel qualified to comment on the acting itself, but the character is everything you could want in a villain. He is totally unconstrained by the rules that limit the police, the DA, Batman and even the mob, making him extremely dangerous and unpredictable. He claims to be insane and spontaneous in his actions, but his crimes are intricately well-planned and ruthlessly executed with creativity and a sense of style.

The film’s message about the public needing a hero with an unblemished record, a “white knight,” echoes one of the themes of Will Smith’s superhero project, Hancock, from earlier this year. It is an interesting commentary given today’s celebrity culture and the scrutiny given to our politicians, athletes, actors and others.


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