Traitor on DVD

Traitor on DVD. Don Cheadle almost always chooses good roles in good movies. From Crash to Hotel Rwanda to the Ocean’s heist series, his decisions have been well-conceived and audiences have benefited as a result. So it was surprising when the trailer for Traitor, in which Cheadle plays the lead character, appeared to be no better than another version of Wesley Snipes’ mediocre 1998 film, U.S. Marshals. What audiences don’t need is another unmemorable entry in the fugitive-running-from-the-authorities genre. Fortunately, Cheadle’s character, Samir Horn, is more complicated than what is portrayed in the trailer. Horn is half-American, half-Sudanese and as a young boy witnesses the assassination of his father in a car bomb. He is raised in the Chicago Muslim community and eventually serves in the U.S. Special Forces wing of the military. However, after his tour of duty in Pakistan ends, he remains overseas and the film opens with Horn attempting to sell explosives to a group in Yemen. As he is drawn closer to the group’s center and its leader, a FBI investigative team led by Roy Clayton (Guy Pierce) and Max Archer (Neal McDonough) target Horn as a suspected terrorist. Horn must reconcile his devout Muslim beliefs with the group’s ever-increasing violent plans while avoiding the FBI pursuit. Although the audience is privy to most of Horn’s secrets, they can never be quite sure how far he will go and what his final actions will be. This uncertainty gives the movie a high level of suspense in addition to a nice mix of action, ruthless villains and a complicated, realistic and scary plot. However, Cheadle’s choice of roles falls into question anew with word that he has joined the cast for the sequel to Iron Man. Hopefully, he hasn’t lost his touch and the sequel will be an improvement over the debut.


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