2008 Book Awards

This past year wasn’t a great one for books.  Too much ordinary and uninspired material.  However, there were a few exceptions.  The best of the year’s finds are below with links to my full review for each.  To see previous year’s lists, try here.

2008 Book Awards

The Serpent’s Tale – Ariana Franklin. Mystery featuring a medieval female forensic scientist.

Wash This Blood Clean From My Hand – Fred Vargas. Another tale about this contemporary Columbo-esque Parisian detective.

The Black Hand – Will Thomas. Barker and Llewelyn take on the mafia in 1880s London.

I wish I’d been there, book 2. Twenty historians present their views on the major events in European history.

The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch. Life lessons from the famous Carnegie Mellon professor.

Around the world in 80 Rounds – David Wood. Traveling the world with just a laptop and a set of clubs.

Get out or die – Jane Finnis. Another mystery set in Roman-occupied Britain with a female innkeeper lead.

The Sandbox. American soldiers and their familys’ real-life tales from Iraq, Afghanistan and the homefront.


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